High Pile Permit Rancho Cucamonga

high pile permit rancho cucamonga

Do you need a high pile permit in Rancho Cucamonga?

Installations that are over 12 feet high may require a high pile permit Rancho Cucamonga. Pallet rack system must meet all fire, seismic and building safety codes. Your local city and fire oversee the issuance of high piled permits. They regulate permits, inspections and sprinkler systems in warehouses or distribution centers. Pallet racking systems without a permit place your business at risk of fines or shut down. Our services support your existing racking if you do not have permits.

How to Obtain a High Pile Permit

The Initial Consultation

To obtain a high piled permit it is best to consult with an experienced professional. The process starts with an onsite visit. Your permit technician will measure all racking. We may ask about the needs of your operation and the desired workflow. We need to know the size and type of commodities From there we create a sketch and/or drawing with measurements.

Required Paperwork

Our know-how and long-time expertise help to ensure your permit. We work with your local city and fire departments to start the process. It all begins with the seismic calculations that determine the structure of your rack build. Your tech will create the CAD drawings and submit, and the applications. City of Rancho Cucamonga and fire filing fees are separate from your provider fees.

Inspection and Approval

To submit and as your provider, Rancho Cucamonga High Pile Permits prepares all of the paperwork, the application, and any fees. After submittal, the city and fire review the plans. They may come back with changes or questions. As your permit provider, we will handle all revisions.

They will speak with you about the impact and suggest the best course of action. Revisions or changes to the plans need re-approval. Structures already in place may require additional inspections.

Two inspections will occur, one for the racks and one for the anchor bolts. Approved plans contain the official seals from the city and fire. Please keep these plans on-site and secured along with the building’s blueprints.

We work with all Inland Empire cities. Our goal is to make our permit service affordable and easy to use. Our engineers will manage the entire process from start to finish. They ensure that you have the proper drawings and paperwork required.

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